Having been very deficient in B12 myself, suffering with respiratory distress, confusion, pain and many more symptoms. I thought b12 would be of assistance in supporting people through the current pandemic. However I had no research to back this up and would not give advice on what to take for something with so many unknown quantities. However I would now go further to say everyone should be given b12 injections alongside high doses of D3 to suppress the physical effects of Covid19.

The following research came to my attention today. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/340257222_SARS-Cov-2Covid19_ADULT_RESPIRATORY_DISTRESS_SYNDROME_ARDS_HIGH_DOSE_IV_METHYLCOBALAMIN_IS_A_SAFE_COST_EFFECTIVE_RESCUE_TREATMENT_for_ARDS

I am sure many who have had a long term undiagnosed b12 deficiency would recognise the symptoms of covid19 comparable to B12deficiency maybe on a milder level but also as affecting many areas of the body, the nervous system the heart, muscles, joints, eyes, mental health. It causes autonomic neuropathy, respiratory failure, heart attack, stroke.

I have asked @WHO about b12 being administered to everyone. I’ve suggested to the BBC that it might be possible that all those who are more harshly affected may have an underlying B12 deficiency and called that we should all be given b12 Vit C and D3.

At first they said the elderly were most vulnerable and it is known that as you grow older your b12 reduces, it’s a travesty that care home patients and over 70s aren’t just given b12 as a matter of course with or without there being a pandemic. And of course those with underlying illness. Heart problems can be caused by lack of b12. Gut problems, nervous system problems. B12 deficiency is under diagnosed and often misdiagnosed as something else.

Vegetarians and vegans who do not take adequate b12 supplementation might also then be vulnerable to severe covid19.

I wonder why we are not being told by the media or the government what we can do to support ourselves in terms of health, food, vitamins, herbs. I think this information is important to everyone.

My Corona virus first aid and prevention kit includes: methyl b12 Sublingual pastilles, high dose vitamin C, Zinc, high dose vitamin D3 and a good multivitamin and mineral. I also have a b12 injections every 6 weeks. And add other things dependent upon my diet. I also have cider vinegar and honey sometimes and marshmallow and Damiana tea with rose petals and ginger and turmeric in abundance for tea and cooking.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy but I’m a bit of a sugar fiend and I am trying to keep moving as it’s good for the lungs. keeping my fingers crossed as a vulnerable person that I can do as much to help myself. As well as following social distancing rules and cleanliness advice. Hope you keep safe too.