It’s strange isn’t it that we are all in hiding from this minuscule virus. The silent invisible enemy that is everywhere. And we can kill it on surfaces just not inside our fragile bodies.

President Trumps idea to disinfect us is wild but he’s trying. He’s not a doctor or a scientist he’s just throwing out ideas because no one has really got a clue. Here I am, not a president or a scientist but I am seeing research and I think I have some understanding of the human body( I am by no means an expert on it all) I have my logic ( apart from a little meningioma on the right temporal lobe where logic is located) .

My logic is telling me this. Strengthen every bodies immunity. Starting with those in nhs and the vulnerable and then the rest of the population. Everyone should be given b12 injections, high doses of d3 and vitaminC and zinc. These will give people a better chance in fighting off the virus naturally.

And further, If we strengthen the immunity of everyone and have full lock down for 15 days (apart from health workers) we could beat this crisis sooner rather than later.

I don’t understand why the government is not advocating some sort of vitamin support to everyone’s immunity when there is evidence that severe cases of covid19 are being aided to recovery with the administering of high doses of b12 d3 and vit c. Logically if we are proactive couldn’t we reduce the severity of virus if we took these vitamins daily in high doses.

Just want to put this out there and hope someone with power will think about this option because surely it is an option.

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